Current Projects

BMPCC 4K/6K Display Modification

BMPCC 4K/6K Display Modification

Created with Power Chueng
This modification kit allows you to modify the stationary Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K/6K screen into a highly adjustable, pivotable display. Available now.
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Development Process



Take your idea and make it a reality. We are looking to collaborate with individuals or organizations to create new & exciting ideas and bring them to market. Submit a written proposal along with any drawings or videos and we will personally review your submission. Tiltaing is looking to offer our financial, design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales experience to deliver exciting mechanical or electrical products for video creation.



Our staff in the US and China will look over submitted project proposals and consider its feasibility and success. Proposed projects may be in different stages, one may be just an idea and another may be nearly complete, with a prototype and patents already registered. Tiltaing will move forward with new and innovative projects that are a good fit for our customers and manufacturing capabilities.



Approved projects are open to negotiation. Tiltaing staff will be in touch to discuss options with you, most likely being a percentage of gross sales. In the case of nearly completed projects, further discussion will be more about manufacturing and other projects will require design or engineering refinements before manufacturing An initial agreement will be made before sending us any CAD drawings, prototypes, or patent information. Once a production prototype has been approved by Tiltaing and the creator, the manufacturing, sales, and marketing will begin.



Tiltaing collaboration projects will be manufactured at our factory and headquarters in Shenzhen, China. As manufacturing is happening, sales & marketing efforts will begin. First looks for press, influencer reviews, advertisements, and distribution are all key to a successful launch. Availability on,,, and through our resellers in 20+ countries will provide ample worldwide distribution. Sales figures and payments will be issued quarterly.