Tiltaing is comprised of several different exciting sections including one for filmmakers looking to have a highly customizable setup for their camera rigs, one for aspiring cinema-based product engineers looking to get their ideas out into the world, and one for fans of Tilta looking for brand clothing and useful cinema tools.

Versatile Tools for Filmmaking

Our fully customizable camera cages allow you to build your camera rig as you see fit. We offer base cages for a variety of small cinema cameras, mirrorless cameras, and DSLRs, several of which come in parts so that you can add or take away sections of the cage based on your needs. Several of the parts of these cages are interchangeable with other Tiltaing camera cages such as the top handle, side power/focus handles, baseplates, and battery plates which allows you to swap these parts between cages if you own multiple cameras and Tiltaing camera cages. This line of camera cages will be continuously updated with new designs as new cameras are released into the market.

Open Product Development

The product development section of Tiltaing is an exciting new proposition we’re putting out. Through this, prospective cinema product developers can collaborate with our engineers to make their dream reality. The idea is simple: develop and submit your idea(s) to us and if we are interested in the design, we will work with you to develop the product and get it out onto the market.

Form Follows Function

The last section of Tiltaing revolves around our brand clothing and accessories. We are developing several different shirts, jackets, hats and more for if our very gracious fans would like to represent our brand and designs. Along with clothing items, we are also offering sleekly-designed branded cinema tools that are very useful on set. These include screw drivers, accessory mounts, articulating arms, etc.