• Gold-Mount Battery Plate - Tilta Gray
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Gold-Mount Battery Plate - Tilta Gray

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This gold mount battery plate allows you to power external accessories and/or provide a greater battery life for your BMPCC 4K camera through the DC and P-tap ports. The 15mm LWS rod adapter allows you to attach the battery plate to your camera's rod setup.

Tech Specs

Weight: 0.573 lbs

Color: Tilta Gray

Material: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel, ABS plastic

Packing List

  • (1) BMPCC 4K Gold Mount Battery Plate
    • (2) 14.8V P-tap ports
    • (1) 12V DC output
    • (1) 7.4V DC output
  • (1) 15mm LWS rod adapter