• Tiltaing V-Mount Battery Baseplate V2
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Tiltaing V-Mount Battery Baseplate V2

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The V-mount battery baseplate attaches directly to the bottom of the half and full camera cages. The height of the battery housing can be adjusted to allow you to comfortably house a variety of differently-sized V-mount batteries. A dummy battery cable can then be used to power your camera using the extended battery life provided by the V-mount battery. Various other accessories can also be powered using the DC outputs on the side of the plate.

Tech Specs

Color: Tilta Gray / Black

Materials: Aluminum-Alloy, ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel

Weight: 1.054 lbs

Packing List

(1) V-Mount Battery Plate with Cheese Plate Style Backing

(1) 15mm Tilta Standard Rod Adapter

(4) Hex Screws for 15mm Tilta Standard Rod Adapter

(2) 6cm 15mm Rods

(1) Adjustable Rising Bottom Plate

(2) Hex Screws for Adjustable Rising Bottom Plate

(1) Camera Hex Screw

(1) Tilta Locking Screw for Adjustable Rising Mechanism